14 December 2007
Thunderstruck "Trollet" Best Connemara & BIS 3 at the show in Jämsä, Finland. Judge Tuula Pyöria

Foto: Kaisa Kukkanen

Foto: Kaisa Kukkanen

8 December 2007
New text about Lina.

15 November 2007
New pictures of Lina & more pictures from Germany.

10 November 2007
Pictures from Schillingsfürst, Germany.

7 November 2007
New picture of Lina & Polly.

4 November 2007

Two Ponies Sold To Finland.


Sweetie Pie " Snutten"


Sweetie Pie " Snutten"


Pady Melody d´Auxence


Pady Melody d´Auxence

Sweetie Pie " Snutten" (Janus- Bolle Cornett) in foal to the french stallion Pady Melody d´Auxence (Castleside Glen Boy - Venise Melody)


Thunderstruck "Trollet"


Thunderstruck "Trollet"


Thunderstruck "Trollet"

Thunderstruck "Trollet" (Cocum Thunder Boy - Cocum Pandora).
Best wishes to their new owners Hanna Koli & Vonne Sonkki!

3 November 2007
Pictures from Trollet and Woody's "summer-camp" '07.

25 June 2007

New picture of Lina.

21 June 2007

"Pedigree pictures" of Maise.

15 June 2007
"Pedigree pictures" of Glaskopf Grey Joan and Maise.

14 June 2007
New pictures of our latest addition; Lina. Some "pedigree pictures"; Cooshen Finbarr, Glaskopf Golden Merlin, Imperator Melody och Glaskopf Grey Joan.

11 June 2007
New pictures of Cornett, Pandora and Nisse. Some news about Nisse and Snutten, we also welcome Lina to Woolpacks Connemaras!

10 May 2007
New pictures of Snutten.

22 April 2007

New picture in the Gott & Blandat, new picture of Robin and pictures from Stallionparade, Clifden 2007.

17 April 2007
New picture in the Mixed Bag.

23 March 2007
New pictures in the Mixed Bag and pictures from the Clifden Show 2005.

21 March 2007
Woolpacks.se is now on the Internet.