"Lillan" born grey dun 2008

Lillan is bred by Henry O´Toole Castle Stud Ireland. It was hard to resist the offer to buy this young filly out of such a fantastic mareline. Lillan come to be Village Girls last foal.

Inspected with 40 points (Gold).

-14 filly Linsfort Barney Woolpacks Lilly Pilly


Laerkens Cascade Dawn
IS 5
Hazy Dawn
Dale Haze
RC 57
IRE 7868
Laerkens Camille
EC 299
Rosenaharley Lavelle
CH 8
Maajgardens Cait
Village Girl
IRE 9025
Mervyn Kingsmill
IRE 762
Atlantic Cliff
IRE 663
Mervyn Blue Charm
IRE 4605
Village Grey
IRE 6951
Abbeyleix Owen
IRE 496
Village Belle
IRE 1855