Malin and I loaded Tiggy for a long journey to her new home in Storvik. Sanna Thors Sköld and daughters were waiting for us. For 1,5 years ago they bought Lina from me.


Sanna & Tiggy

Malin & Tiggy


Lina clipped a few weeks ago


Lina clipped a few weeks ago


A lot of horses these days!



Barney tested for HWSD-N/N.




Castle Lily "Lillan" has been inspected and managed to get 40 p (same as a Gold medal)


A photo of W. Lilly Pilly (Linsfort Barney-Castle Lily) 3 months old.



Some photos of W. Lilly Pilly (Linsfort Barney-Castle Lily)






Lillan gave birth to a filly, W. Lilly Pilly, June 3rd.




Putte sees his old friends again!






Putte, the young colt, leaves us for a summer at Arda's Stud were he will meet his old friends from last summer. He promise to give a helping hand in the garden!!




Barney's first foal for the year is Ello Kitty Briovere. Dam is Queen Kitty Briovere. Filly and mother lives in France.


A year has passed since Polly left our home. Here is some picture from her education in Academic Riding.




One more son of Barney passed as Class 1. Cashelbay Barney his dam is Cashelbay Mary.

Photo:K. Blad

Photo:K. Blad